Takeoff Estimating
Building Consultants and Site Work Estimating Service

Pro-Spec provides take-off quantities and estimates in an easy to understand format for Site Development and Civil Construction Projects.

Take-off quantities: earthwork volumes; cut/fill, topsoil, roadway, subgrade components, utilities, structural concrete generated by digitizer method using Insite Sitework Software.

Bid Estimates: Labor, Materials, and Equipment costing using Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc. (HCSS)

Project Management and Inspection Services

Are you a Contractor that is too busy to take-off quantities and/or bid estimates?

Are you an Engineer, Architect, or Developer that needs a cost evaluation for your design or concept?

Increase confidence in your figures, a second takeoff will assure your takeoff and/or disclose costly mistakes.

Are you a Contractor or Developer who needs assistance in an efficient and cost effective manner to manage projects, perform site surveys, inspections and general correspondence?

Are you a Homeowner in need of reliable project management or construction inspection for your new project, home, or property investment?

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